Dell EqaulLogic M5XD9 1TB SAS Internal Drive










This purchase includes:

This Purchase Includes:

Dell EqaulLogic M5XD9 1TB SAS Internal Drive

Special Notes: Lifetime warranty is offered through Vitus only, not the manufacturer.

Special Notes:

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Full Description

The Dell M5XD9 model internal hard drive has a 3.5 inch form factor and a 6Gb/s external data transfer rate. It has a spindle speed of up to 7200 rpm and a 1 TB capacity.
This LFF drive uses a 6Gb/s SAS (serial attached SCSI) interface and comes enclosed in a hot-swap tray along with a 1 year warranty.
These units are new form factor Enterprise hard drives and compatible with several servers including the following:

Dell PowerEdge T-Series: T100 T105 T110 (Gen I,II) T300 T310 T320 T410 T420 T430 T605 T610 T620 T630 T710 Servers.
Dell PowerEdge R-Series: R210 (Gen I, II) R220 R300 R310 R320 R410 R415 R420 R430 R510 R520 R530
Dell PowerEdge R-Series: R710 R715 R720 R720XD R730 R730XD R900 R905
Dell PowerEdge C-Series: C1100 C2100 C6100 C6220 Servers.
Dell PowerEdge M-Series: M510 M520 Servers.
Dell PowerVault M-Series: M1000e MD1120 MD3200 MD3200i MD3220 MD3220i MD3400 MD3420 MD3460 MD3060e Arrays.


Hardware Specifications

Dell M5XD9 1 TB 7200 RPM 3.5 inch SAS-6Gb/s Brand: Dell
Model: M5XD9
Hard Drive Type: Internal Hard Drive
Capacity: 1 TB
Interface: SAS-6Gb/s
Form Factor: 3.5 inch
Spindle Speed: 7200 RPM
External Data Transfer Rate: 600 MB/s
Enclosure: Hot Swap Tray
Form Factor: 3.5 inch
Capacity: 1TB
Speed: 7.2K RPM
Interface: SAS
Manufacturer: Dell
Type: Hard Drive

Dell EqualLogic is a series of high-performance and scalable Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions designed to simplify storage management and enhance data storage efficiency.

These SAN arrays are known for their unique peer storage architecture, which enables seamless expansion, load balancing, and simplified administration. Dell EqualLogic arrays are particularly well-suited for businesses seeking reliable and easy-to-manage storage solutions, with features like automated tiering, snapshots, and thin provisioning to optimize storage resources and improve data protection.

This series has been widely used in a variety of industries, including virtualization, data-intensive applications, and environments with growing storage demands.

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