Dell EqualLogic 70-0425 DCY2N Storage Array -for- PS6210 Storage Arrays









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This Purchase Includes: Dell EqualLogic 70-0425 DCY2N Type 15 Control Module Special Notes: Lifetime warranty is offered through Vitus only, not the manufacturer.

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Full Description
The Dell EqualLogic 70-0425 DCY2N Type 15 Controller Module provides connection to a data path between the array and the applications using the storage, as well as array management functions.  
Hardware Specifications
Manufacturer: Dell Part Number: DCY2N / 70-0425
  • Pair of Ethernet ports with shared LEDs indicating status and activity: 1x of 10GBASE-T port, and one SFP+ port
  • 1x 10Mb/100Mbps management port.
  • Status LEDs
  • Recessed button labeled STANDBY ON/OFF that allows you to quickly shut down the array in certain circumstances.
  • A field-replaceable microSD card containing the PS Series firmware. The microSD card is accessed from the rear of the control module.
  • Release button and latch to release the control module from the array for replacement. The release lever has a switch that detects activation and prompts the array to save data to nonvolatile storage, thereby protecting your data!

Dell EqualLogic is a series of high-performance and scalable Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions designed to simplify storage management and enhance data storage efficiency.

These SAN arrays are known for their unique peer storage architecture, which enables seamless expansion, load balancing, and simplified administration. Dell EqualLogic arrays are particularly well-suited for businesses seeking reliable and easy-to-manage storage solutions, with features like automated tiering, snapshots, and thin provisioning to optimize storage resources and improve data protection.

This series has been widely used in a variety of industries, including virtualization, data-intensive applications, and environments with growing storage demands.

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