Dell EqualLogic PS6500E Virtualized SAN 4U SATA Storage Expansion Array









This purchase includes:

This Purchase Includes:
  • Dell EqualLogic PS6500E Virtualized SAN 4U SATA Storage Expansion Array
  • Rail Kit

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Full Description
The Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS6500E is a virtualized iSCSI SAN that combines intelligence and automation with fault tolerance to provide simplified administration, rapid deployment, enterprise performance and reliability, and seamless scalability. The PS6500E delivers the lowest cost-per-gigabyte in the PS6000 Series with up to 48 TB† of SATA storage in a high-density 4U chassis. A PS Series SAN built with PS6500E arrays can scale up to 768 TB† under a single, intuitive management interface. The PS6000 line features a redesigned controller with a fourth Gigabit Ethernet port that can deliver improved sequential read and write performance compared to previous generations.
Hardware Specifications
Dell EqualLogic PS6500E Virtualized SAN 4U SATA Storage Expansion Array:
  • Dual controllers with a total of 4GB battery-backed memory (provides up to 72 hours of data protection)
  • 48x SATA hot-pluggable HDDs
  • 7,200 RPM SATA II drives available in 500GB or 1TB
  • Up to 1,024 Volumes
  • IPv4 & IPv6 core support
  • Redundant hot-swappable controllers, power supplies, cooling fans and disks (individual disk drive slot power control)
  • and 4x Copper per controller GbE Network Interfaces

Dell EqualLogic is a series of high-performance and scalable Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions designed to simplify storage management and enhance data storage efficiency.

These SAN arrays are known for their unique peer storage architecture, which enables seamless expansion, load balancing, and simplified administration. Dell EqualLogic arrays are particularly well-suited for businesses seeking reliable and easy-to-manage storage solutions, with features like automated tiering, snapshots, and thin provisioning to optimize storage resources and improve data protection.

This series has been widely used in a variety of industries, including virtualization, data-intensive applications, and environments with growing storage demands.

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