Dell Networking S6000-ON Switch









This purchase includes:

This Purchase Includes:

Dell Networking S6000-ON Switch

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Full Description

High-density, 40GbE switch (32 ports of 40GbE or 96 ports of 10GbE and eight ports of 40GbE) with high performance for top-, middle- and end-of- rack deployments.

The Dell Networking S6000-ON switch is the industry's first disaggregated hardware + software data center networking solution that empowers organizations to deploy modern workloads and applications designed for the open networking era.


Hardware Specifications

Manufacturer: Dell
10 GbE ports: 96 line-rate 10GbE + 8 line-rate 40GbE ports in breakout mode
40GbE ports: 32 line-rate 40GbE ports
Size: 1RU, 1.71” x 17.08” x 18.11”
(4.34 cm x 43.38 cm x 50 cm)
Weight: 16.12 lbs (7.31 kg)
Power Supply: 100 – 240V AC 50/60Hz
Redundancy: Hot swappable redundant power
Hot swappable redundant fans
Switch I/O Bandwidth: 2.56Tbps (full-duplex)
Forwarding Rate: 1462Mbps
Latency: Sub 600ns
Packet Buffer Memory: 12MB
CPU Memory: 4GB

The Dell PowerSwitch S6000 Series is a collection of ultra-low-latency data center switches designed to cater to the most demanding networking applications. These switches are engineered to provide exceptional performance, reliability, and agility, making them well-suited for specialized environments where low latency and high throughput are critical.

Key features of the PowerSwitch S6000 Series typically include support for high-speed Ethernet, including 10 Gigabit, 25 Gigabit, 40 Gigabit, and 100 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, ultra-low-latency design for real-time applications, advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 features for efficient routing and switching, extensive Quality of Service (QoS) options for traffic prioritization, and robust security features. These switches often incorporate features such as Virtual Chassis stacking to simplify network management.

The PowerSwitch S6000 Series is frequently chosen by organizations operating in high-performance computing (HPC) environments, high-frequency trading, and other applications where microseconds matter. These switches provide the performance, reliability, and low-latency networking necessary to meet the stringent demands of these specialized use cases.

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