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Full Description
The PowerVault MD1200 offers seamless expansion for Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers with the PERC H800 HostRAID adapter and provides expansion storage for Dell Compellent, EqualLogic and PowerVault array series. It gives customers the versatility to expand storage as their business grows.
Hardware Specifications
Dell PowerVault MD1200
  • PCI-E 2.0 Host-RAID adapter with 2x External x4 SAS ports, standard 512MB cache and TBBU (transportable battery-backup unit) [PERC H800]
  • Up to 12 hot-pluggable SAS HDDs at 7.2K, 10K, and 15K rpm and SAS SSDs. Mix and match 3.5" HDDs and 2.5 HDDs with enclosure.
  • Unified mode (single path) for daisy chaining of up to 8 enclosures per PERC H800 (4 enclosures per port, single path)
  • Up to 48TB using 12 4TB 7.2K rpm HDDs (6Gb/s SAS)

Dell PowerVault is a product line of storage solutions offered by Dell Technologies. PowerVault includes various storage systems, such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) devices, designed to address a wide range of data storage needs for businesses and organizations.

Key features of PowerVault storage systems often include:

  1. Scalability: PowerVault systems can be scaled to accommodate increasing data storage requirements, making them suitable for small businesses to large enterprises.
  2. Data Protection: These systems typically offer data protection features like RAID configurations, backup and recovery options, and snapshot capabilities to ensure data integrity.
  3. Versatility: PowerVault solutions support various storage media, including hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), and hybrid configurations, allowing organizations to tailor their storage infrastructure to their specific needs.
  4. Ease of Management: Dell provides user-friendly management tools and software to simplify the administration and monitoring of PowerVault storage systems.
  5. Affordability: PowerVault systems are often cost-effective solutions for organizations looking to expand their storage capacity without investing in high-end enterprise storage solutions.
  6. Reliability: Dell's reputation for reliability and support extends to the PowerVault product line, offering dependable storage solutions for businesses of all sizes.

PowerVault is utilized across various industries and applications, including data backup and recovery, file sharing, virtualization, and general data storage, providing a versatile and scalable storage platform to meet the diverse storage needs of modern businesses.

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